Lesson 4






Materiaal : roos


Material: 2 tubes 1 tube of myself/unknown
Masks: no
Filters: Carolaine and Sensibility
Selections: no
Foreground: # fdfbf2
Background: # dfa22e

Open a new transparent image 650 x 900 px.
Fill the empty page with foreground.
Select all.
Copy and paste in 46 flower selection.
Select None.
Effects/image effects/seamless tiling/standard
Adjust/Blur/Gaussian blur/value on 34
Plugins/Carolaine and Sensibility/texture

Plugins/Carolaine and Sensibility/H Lines

Duplicate layer
Image/free rotate 90/links
Low/merge down

Copy the misted tube and stick on your working area.
Copy the tube flower and paste on your creation.
Resize with 78%.
Put them right.
10/10/41/0 drop shadow/black
Copy and paste the butterfly on your design.
Resize with 82%.
10/10/31/0 drop shadow/black
Put your name on your design.
Add all the layers together.
Add edge by 2 px background color.
Add edge 61 px foreground color.
Add edge by 2 px background color.

Save your design as JPG
So that was it again. I hope you enjoyed the lesson.

This lesson is with a lot of work and love written by me.
Some resemblance to other classes is purely coincidental.
Do not copy or rewrite without my written permission.

Copyright Rooske.
With many thanks to the tube makers of this lesson.
A lot of thanks to Bianca and Wieske for testing of this lesson.

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