Lesson 16




Materiaal : roos


Material: 2 tubes from myself, elements from scrap-corner-gold pattern
Mask: Sax Plup
Filters: Medhi-Sorting-Tiles, BorderMania-Instant Button 2, Unlimited-Buttons and Frames-Glass Frame 2, DSB Flux-Blast
Selections: sel-01-les-16-2018-Rooske
Foreground: # f6ebb7
Background: # 3d3a27
Open a new transparent image of 900 x 650 px.
Set your foreground on gradient linear-angle 45-repetition 3.
Fill with the gradient.
Adjust-Blur-Blur Gauisiaanse-45.
Plugins-Medhi-Sorting Tiles. (screen)
Effects-image effects-seamless tiling. (Screen)
Effects-edge effects.
New raster layer and fill with foreground color.
New mask layer from image and choose Sax-plup.
Layers Merge group.
Layer-Merge down.

Image add borders 2 px dark color.
Image add borders 3 px white, select the white edge.
Enter your edge with gold pattern.
Plugins-BorderMania-Instant Button 2. (screen)
Select None.
Image-add borders 25 px white.
Select the edge and fill with gradient.
Effects-texture effects-blinds. (screen)
Plugins-Unlimited-Buttons and Frames-Glass Frame 2 value 64-128.
Effects-image effects-page curl. (screen)
Repeat page curl but check now right at the bottom of.
Select None.
Repeat step 3.
Image-add borders 60 px white.
Select the edge and fill with gradient.
Plugins-DSB Flux-Blast-left. (screen)
Repeat plugins-DSB Flux-Blast-right checked.
Plugins-Unlimited-Buttons and Frames-Glass Frame 2.
Select None.
Repeat step 3.
New raster layer.
Selection-load selection from disk sel-01-les-16-2018-Rooske.
Copy the lotus flower and paste into selection.
Set the blend mode to luminance.
Selection-modify-select selection borders 2 px outside.
Fill out the edge with dark color.
Copy and paste the Lady on your design.
Format-modify-90%-no check mark-all layers.
Drop shadow 8-8-28-32.67-black.
Copy and paste as new layer element hsd springtime.
Set the blend mode to luminance.
Drop shadow as above.
Copy the butterfly and paste as new layer put it in the right place.
Same drop shadow.
Flatten all layers.
Copy the corner and paste as new layer, put it at the top left.
2-2-86-0-black drop shadow.
Duplicate the layer.
Flip and invert.
Add all the layers together.
Create your design custom and put your name on it.
Save it as JPG

So that was it again. I hope you enjoyed the lesson.

This lesson is with a lot of work and love written by me.
Some resemblance to other classes is purely coincidental.
Do not copy or rewrite without my written permission.


Copyright Rooske.
With many thanks to the tube makers of this lesson.
A lot of thanks to Bianca and Wieske for testing of this lesson.

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