Lesson 17


Materiaal :


Lesson 18-2018

Material: Wieske - scrapelementen
Masks: Galguis
Filters: no
Foreground: # d1c6c1
Background: # 5c4a40
Open a new transparent image of 900 x 650 px.
Create a gradient of foreground and background-linear-corner 90-repeat-1-invert
Fill with the gradient.
New raster layer and fill with foreground color.
New mask layer from image and choose Calguispasserelle 20512012.
Layers Merge group.
Effects-edge effects-enhance.
Layer-Merge down.
Layer-Merge down.
Copy element Under-the-blue-moon.
Paste as new layer on your creation.
Turn it as in my example.
5-5-38-19-black drop shadow.
Copy element kk-flash.
Paste as new layer on your design.
Mirror image. Put in at the top right corner.
Copy element kk-moon.
Paste as new layer.
63% resize.
Set the layer opacity to 46%.
Copy VC-32 and paste as new layer element.
Set the layer on luminance.
Copy the tube 569 of Wieske.
Paste as new layer.
Drop shadow as before.
Everything is to your liking, then add all the layers together.
Give another brink of 1px dark color.
Place your text still on your creation.
Put your name on it.
Flatten all layers.
Make your creation on format.
Save your design as a JPG.
So that was it again. I hope you enjoyed the lesson.

This lesson is with a lot of work and love written by me.
Some resemblance to other classes is purely coincidental.
Do not copy or rewrite without my written permission.


Copyright Rooske.
With many thanks to the tube makers of this lesson.
A lot of thanks to Bianca and Wieske for testing of this lesson.


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