Les 18

Dit gaan we maken





Materiaal : roos


Material: 1 Lady tube of myself-paysage jewel-flower tube not known
Masks: Narah
Selection: sel-01-les18-2018-Rooske
Filters: AAA Frames-foto frame
Foreground: # ffffff
Background: # c75d58
Open a new transparent image of 900 x 650 px.
Fill with the foreground color.
Set your foreground on gradient linear-corner 90-repeat 1-invert.
New raster layer and fill with the gradient.
New mask layer from image and choose Narah-Mask-1039.
Layers Merge group.
Layer-Merge down.
New raster layer.
Fill with the gradient.
Layers-new mask layer from image sekada paper 6.
Layers Merge group.
Set the layer opacity to 72.

Layer-Merge down.
Copy paysage Automme jewel-003.
Paste as new layer.
Objects-align-Center on canvas.
New raster layer.
Selection-load selection from disk sel-01-les18-2018-Rooske.
Fill selection with dark color.
Effects-3d effects-inner bevel,

Select None.
Duplicate layer-mirror image.
Layer-Merge down.
Copy and paste as new layer the Lady 224.
Resize 80%.
Zet de dame links.
Geef slagschaduw 5-5-38-36 - zwart.
Copy the flower tube.
Paste as new layer on your design.
Mirror image.
Put them as in my example.
Layer opacity to 69.
Copy the text memory.
Paste on your design.
Put as in my example.
Layer on luminance.
Everything is to your liking.
Copy the bottom layer.
Add all the layers together.
Image add borders 2 px dark color.
Image add borders 89 px white.
Select the white edge with your magic wand.
Paste into selection (is still in the memory of your mouse).
Effects-AAA Frames-foto frame.

Select None.
Create your custom creation.
Save your design as a jpg.
So that was it again. I hope you enjoyed the lesson.

This lesson is with a lot of work and love written by me.
Some resemblance to other classes is purely coincidental.
Do not copy or rewrite without my written permission.


Copyright Rooske.
With many thanks to the tube makers of this lesson.
A lot of thanks to Bianca and Wieske for testing of this lesson.

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