Lesson 9






Materiaal :


Material: tubes from thafs-merydesign-Wieske and myself.
Mask: idiko
Filters: no
Selections: no
Foreground: # 0267c6
Background: # 022033

Open a transparent image 650 x 900 px.
Fill with the background color.
New raster layer and fill with foreground color.
New mask layer from image choose lidiko-create-mask-2016.
Layers Merge group.
Layer-Merge down.
Copy the tube misted boyet and paste on your creation.
Put these links against the edge.
Set the layer to soft light.
Layer-Merge down.
Copy the misted tube facade-de-maison.
Paste on your creation, put links under.
Set the layer to soft light.
Copy and paste the Lady on your creation.
Mirror the layer and set as in my example.
5-5-44-13-black drop shadow.
Put your name on your working area.
Flatten all layers.
Set it aside.
Now what we are going to create animation.
Copy the text.
Open animation Shop paste the text as a new animation.
Effects-image effect insert.
Put everything as on the screen.

You now have 14 frames.
Back to psp and copy the tube merydesign-paysage64.
To shaft and paste as new animation.
Effects-image effect insert.
Put everything as on the screen above.
You have 14 frames.
Now go get your design in psp that you've put aside.
Paste in AS as new animation.
Duplicate the layer until you have 14 frames.
Activate raster 1 of your design.
Select all.
Activate frame 1 of the text, select all.
To your design and paste into selected frame.
Set as shown in the example.
Activate frame 1 of merydesign-paysage64.
Select all, copy.
To your creation and paste into selected frame.
Put as in example.
See if your animation is working properly.
Now we are going to modify the format of our design.
Make sure that all frames are selected.
Go to animation format of animation change.
Enter the desired value, and then click ok.
Save your work as Gif.
So that was it again. I hope you enjoyed the lesson.

This lesson is with a lot of work and love written by me.
Some resemblance to other classes is purely coincidental.
Do not copy or rewrite without my written permission.

Copyright Rooske.
With many thanks to the tube makers of this lesson.
A lot of thanks to Bianca and Wieske for testing of this lesson.

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